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Standard box dimensions are used as a guideline for the expected types of packaging and weight ranges for a return shipment. The weights of the products (from Shopify) and dimensions combined are used to calculate the different SLAs, which will determine the final price of the shipping label. Note: These don’t need to be exact, just an estimate for the typical box types you use.

To configure a standard box size, navigate to Configure > Shipping > Standard Box Dimensions

Once there, you will see a table that will give you the details of the pre-configured boxes.


Backup Box:

We will use the backup box and generate a label based on that in the following scenarios:

<aside> 💡 Note: If the package weight is higher than any of the boxes (Standard or Back up), the request will default to Self-Ship. This is to ensure the merchant doesn’t incur a huge, unexpected cost from a shipping label


The backup box is a box that the merchants will have to configure in the Standard box dimensions settings.


The Backup Box dimensions should be set up with length, width, and height along with maximum weight as per preferences.


If the backup box is also unable to hold the Order Service, then we would revert to “Self Ship” instead of generating a label.

Note: For any new store connects (as well as existing merchants) when introducing the backup box, we will have it set to a default configuration: Max Weight: 15.99 oz || Dimensions cannot exceed 22″ length x 18″ width x 15″ height

To add a new box, click on Add a Box