ReturnRabbit requests following permissions from merchants. Here's a brief description of what permission is needed for what:

  1. View Shopify Account Data:
    1. Store's locations (to be used as warehouse location),
    2. Setup ReturnRabbit account access using email, phone number, etc.
      1. Use customer support email and phone to display as customer support touch points.
  2. Manage Products:
    1. Inventory access to handle inline-exchanges.
      1. Exchanges deferred if inventory not available.
      2. Manipulate inventory quantity as per returned/exchanged items.
      3. Order's items information such as title, price, sizes, variant
      4. to show users options to Exchange with while exchanging
    2. Sync products and collections to offer exchange capability to shoppers across entire merchant product catalogue.
    3. Update inventory while restocking the item through exchange/return
    4. Check availability of the item in the inventory to create exchange orders
  3. Manage Orders:
    1. Sync order data. Allow shoppers to service their orders.
    2. Refund order items or place new exchange orders as applicable.
    3. We need to write to DraftOrder because when an order item is successfully exchanged with higher value item, we will create a DraftOrder which will be converted into Order once the remaining amount is paid.
    4. We need to write to Order
      1. for conversion of DraftOrder to Order
      2. to create an order when an Item is successfully exchanged with another item
      3. write Note, Note Attributes, tags to order objects
  4. Manage Customers:
    1. Access customer fields like email & address across specific orders if shoppers request it.
    2. Update meta fields and add phone number of shoppers.
      1. We write to customer object to assign phone number received by customer while creating service request
    3. We need to read customer details, which helps us to authenticate a user to access and utilize our services
    4. We will read customer's addresses which is used as a customer's address in order to create a service request
    5. We will use name, email, phone numbers to create shipping labels.
    6. We read customer tags to provide a better customized services to shoppers based on the tags
  5. Manage Other Data:
    1. Price rules
      1. Calculate discounts based on price rules, alter refund amounts if applicable.
        1. Discount Handling & Forwarding
      2. Apply discounts to exchange items.
    2. We need write/read permissions for Locations data
      1. Merchants can mark which one can be used as service facility
      2. We use this information to create a service facility which acts as a destination address for return parcels