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Def: Shipment tracking page is the page where your shoppers will come when they want to check on the status of their return or exchange shipments. In this setting, you can configure the layout of the page and the ads shown here.

Why to select a Shipment tracking page layout?

A custom tracking page continues to fuel the fire for a better customer experience. Your customers will be able to stay engaged with your brand and it can be used as another touch point for a potential sale. We also show recommended products to the shoppers based on Shopify's recommendation engine (which takes into account what products would be best to show to your shoppers based on browsing and purchase history across your store).

How to select a Shipment tracking page layout?

Head over to Configure —> Shopper Portal —> Tracking Page.

Select the Pencil Icon to edit the Redirect Link and Image. Banner 1 is displayed on the Top Right of your new tracking page. Banner 2 is displayed on the Bottom Right of your new tracking page.

Once you click on the pencil icon, you will see a Popup that will ask you for the image of your ad, and the redirection link.

You can replace or delete the image by clicking on the respective buttons and click on confirm and the images will be updated

The two long columns displayed are where the tracking information related to the Exchange/Return will reflect.