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A refund Method is the mode by which money is credited to customers returning/exchanging merchandise. Refund methods can be configured per your return policy.

What types of Refund Methods are available?

We currently have 2 Refund Methods:

  1. Original Payment Method: Usually within seven days after the return is received.
  2. Gift Card/Store Credit: The fastest option for customers. Added immediately to your account. This option is available to both Shopify and Shopify Plus users.

Turning a refund method on/off:

Navigate to Configure > Return Management > Refund Methods

Once there, you can turn a refund method on or off using the toggle.

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 2.43.26 AM.png

Making a refund method default:

You can make a refund method default by turning the default toggle off or on by clicking on the edit icon on the refund method. The default refund method will be pre-selected for the shopper at the shopper portal.

Editing a refund method:

You can also edit a refund method. There are the following things that are editable in the refund methods. You can edit these by clicking on the edit button on the card, which will take you to the refund method’s configuration page, where the below things are configurable.

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 2.45.22 AM.png