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Promo Management is the capability to honor your promotional prices even after the promo has ended. This enables shoppers to exchange a product that they bought during the promo to exchange with another product (which was a part of that promo too), at a promotional price even though the current price of that product is now higher than the reduced promotional prices earlier.

To use promo management, set up your promo in Shopify, and then configure the promo here. Please note that it is mandatory for you to first configure the reduced product prices on Shopify and then configure the promo on ReturnRabbit. This is because when you configure the promo on ReturnRabbit, the SKUs that you add to the promo will be run against our algorithms verifying that the prices of that SKU have in fact reduced from when the promo started.

The way that promo management works are that ReturnRabbit keeps a copy of all price changes across all the SKUs in your store. This enables us to honor prices that existed during the promo, even after the promo has ended.

Here's the assumption that we make to offer promo management to our merchants. The price of an SKU, before promo and after promo should be exactly the same but during the promo, this price has to be lesser than the original price.

How to use Promo Management?

The first step is to configure the promotional SKU prices on your Shopify store. Let's say that you are running a promo on 5 products and a total of 25 SKUs across these 5 products. Before you set up your promo on ReturnRabbit, you will need to configure all these reduced prices across all SKUs on Shopify because when you configure this on ReturnRabbit, we look for a drop-in SKU price before allowing that SKU to become a part of the promo.

Once you have configured and set up your promo on Shopify, and once you have started the promo, head over to Configure > Return Management > Promo Management

Click on " Add Promo"

A modal will pop up, in which you will be required to enter the promo details.

Creating a promo is a two-step process.

Step 1:

You will need to add the basic information first: Name

Start date and time

End date and time