Manual deductions are the way that you can charge your shoppers if the products they sent back do not meet your requirements. You can apply manual deductions on Admin as well.



While inspecting products within the warehouse, if you come across a product that does not meet your checkpoints or violates your return policy, you could charge your shopper.

When inspecting an item, you can subtract the amount you wish from the overall refund amount of that request.

Since requests are processed on the item level, and not per quantity, please make sure you have checked the amount you are deducting.

You can also add a comment to let the Admin user know why you deducted the amount.

Screenshot 2022-08-10 at 5.51.35 PM.png


The admin user has the final say in what the amount of deduction should be. If needed, the admin user can change the amount that has been suggested by the shopper. Once again, the amount here is for the entire service request, not per quantity, so please make sure that you have the amount for the entire service request.

You can see the suggested deduction amount in the request side panel.

Screenshot 2022-08-10 at 5.54.51 PM.png

To edit the manual deduction, click on the pencil icon and add in the new amount.