Stop paying shipping and handling costs for items you don’t need back! The Shopper can still get their refund or exchange - without the hassle of shipping something back.

You have multiple options to allow the shopper to get a refund or exchange without shipping the original item back.

Product Tag-based restriction

Link to the configuration

The merchant will add the product tag KEEP_ITEMS to applicable products in Shopify. This is simply another Product Tag in Shopify.

This tag will ensure that the shopper does not send this item back to you.



Keep Item flag in request reasons:

Merchants can also configure certain request reasons to have the keep item functionality. This can be toggled on and off under the request reasons tab

Once you are there you will be able to mark specific request reasons to include keep item functionality by clicking on the pencil (Edit button) and scrolling down to other requirements.


Toggle the “Allows Keep Item” flag on and this will apply to all products being returned with this reason code.

Suggestion: Use this for Damaged or Defective items. If you use it in conjunction with “Qualification Approval”, you can first approve/accept that the return is damaged and then allow the shopper to get their refund/exchange without having to ship anything back.

How it works:

Once the Keep Item is set up on a product or return reason, when the customer is exchanging the item the following tag will be visible to them.