Gift returns allows the shoppers who have received a gift from someone else to return or exchange the gift with something else. This feature makes the use of Shopify’s Gifting feature.

How does it work?

Gift returns is a safe way for the gift receivers to return and get refund via Gift Card or exchange their gift with other items in your catalog, without the gift sender being notified. As soon as the gift receiver has confirmed that they want to create a service request on the gift, the order is attributed to the Gift Receiver and they can either exchange or return. The gift sender is not informed of the exchange and return, instead, the order becomes un-serviceable from their point of view.

How do I turn gift returns on?

Gift returns can be turned on from the Additional Features in the Configure section.

Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 6.21.38 PM.png

How will my shoppers start a gift return?

Your shoppers can access the gift returns flow from the login page for shopper portal.


Once they are in the gift returns flow, they will see the screen below:

Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 6.31.09 PM.png

The order number can be found on the Packing Slip, along with the Zip code. Once they have entered these details, we will verify if there is an order that exists with such combination. Once the order has been verified, they will be asked to enter their Name, E-mail address and phone number.