Custom pop-up refers to the pop-up that will let your shoppers know about your return policy while they are choosing the services for their products. Once the shoppers give their consent that the products they send back align with your return policy, they can continue with the request creation process.

What your shoppers will see?

Immediately after they have chosen the products and the services they want, when they hit Continue, they will be shown the pop-up where they will have to agree to the return policy conditions in order to proceed.


How to configure this?

To configure this, navigate to:

Configure > Shopper Portal > Custom Pop-up

Here, you will see the configuration screen:


You can activate the pop-up by clicking on the toggle.

To edit the content of the return policy, edit the form below.

Pop-up Heading:

The heading your pop-up will have can be edited here.

Pop-up Content:

The content of your return policy can be edited here. You can add various text styles to the text that can be done via the editor.

Require Checkbox:

With the check box, you can add an additional step, where your shoppers will have to agree to the terms before being able to continue. You can change the language of the agreement.

Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 2.03.28 PM.png